Don't Let Your Past Dictate Your Future!

An attorney can assist with your record expungement in El Paso & Horizon City, TX

Many people may think their criminal record is set in stone. However, this isn't always the case. ClearMyRecord915 in El Paso & Horizon City, TX can help you clear your criminal record. Alexandria Serra will help you create a better life.

Want to know if you qualify? Check out the "Do I Qualify?" page now.

Wondering how your record affects you?

A criminal record makes life more difficult. It creates additional challenges that you'll have to overcome throughout your life. A criminal record could:


  • Stop you from getting your dream job
  • Prevent you from holding government offices
  • Affect credit applications and apartment applications




If you want to give back to your community by working in a school or teaching, a criminal record could completely bar you from this profession. Thankfully, an attorney can help you clear your record. Want to know if you qualify? Check out the "Do I Qualify?" page now.





    How Alexandria Serra will serve you:

    If you're ready to clear your record, you'll need to find an attorney. You want one who will do everything possible to help you. If you're seeking a record expungement, turn to Alexandria Serra.


    • Works hard for every client
    • Understands the complex process of expungement
    • Maintains an open line of communication with every client

    Alexandria Serra will work diligently to pursue the best possible outcome for your situation. She'll keep you informed on your legal proceedings and make sure you understand every step of expungement.

    If you have any questions about expungement, call 915-543-1776 today.