Having Trouble Passing a Background Check?

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Whether you're applying for an apartment or a job, one thing's for sure, you're getting a background check. Passing that background check is the first step in getting approved for your new home or getting that job you've dreamed of. Make sure your record is clean.

If you have a past arrest or guilty plea, Attorney Alexandria Serra from ClearMyRecord915 can help it disappear. She represents clients in El Paso, Texas and helps them clear their record.

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The goal of your record expungement

Your attorney will help with the following:

  • Clearing your criminal record
  • Helping you move forward with your life
  • Eliminating your information from public records
A clean record means a clean slate, so you'll be able to move forward with your career, dreams and life. With a clean record, you won't have to worry about clearing a background check.

Visit the Do I Qualify? page now for more information on expungement.